Newbe: Is OpenGL already installed on my system?

I just recently installed
Mandrake 7.2 and did the reccomended install, then chose FULL install.

I found glut libraries in my /usr/X116/lib

but I can’t find any gl.h or glu.h or anything like that on my computer.

Do I have to install these or am I just not finding them?

Basically what do I need to do to get OpenGL program’s compiling and running on my Mandrake 7.2


You need to install the development RPMS.

Specifically, XFree86-devel and Mesa-common-devel, and maybe some other ones.


Thanks, XFree86-devel was already installed,
but I can’t find Mesa-common-devel on my CD’s or anything, is there somewhere I can download it? I looked for it at but I just kept getting sent in circles, never finding the file to download.

Try that.

Thanks, I actually found it on my extra’s CD and installed it…worked great. got my program to compile and run.

Now I have another problem, in another one of my opengl programs it uses sqrt, sin, cos functions from math.h

but I get undefined refrence to ‘sqrt’

I’m sure it something stupid, but I’m just learning this gcc…never really used it before I always used VC++ on windows.

You need to link in the math library.

Add -lm to the end of your gcc options.

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