Okay… I have a 640x480 windowed view… i have a 640x480 bmp I wish to display.

Can someone give me the code for this! Im finding it hard to understand and i’ve visited NeHe already.

Hi. Everything you need to know on how to do this is on Nehe. The simplist way to do this would be to go into ortho mode, render a quad to the size of the screen, and texture map it. No one will just hand over the code for free. Doing a bit of reasearch yourself will help you learn it much better. Not trying to lecture you or anything, its just that requests for free code do not bring informative responses around here, so be aware!

Old GLman

Id hand the code over for free :wink: Email me if you get stuck or something… But first do some of your own research and if you get stuck email me and ill write up the program for you, im so nice :slight_smile: