hello, i am very new to the opengl stuff and i dont even know where or how to get the opengl program. how do i go about starting out?

firstly look for a faq. secondly, get a clue. =)


That was just rude, John. (if you want to use the Windows API) or if you want to use glut (a cross-platform window creation/setup thingy).

Very rude indeed!

agibbs, OpenGL is not a program but an Application Programmer’s Interface (API). If you are interested in learning to program with the OpenGL API here are some usefull links (in addition to the great links BwB posted above) :

Good luck!

John: we were all a newbie once.

agibbs: I recommend, that is how I learned.


yep, we were ALL newbies, once. I was. Been there, done that. Honestly.

BUT, being a newbie DOESN’T magically stop people from thinking about what they’re doing. DO you realise how many times this “i just foudn out how to plug my computer in, and i wanna write a QUAKE ENGINE” has been posted? THe number of times? Freak, we could halve the enture internet’s traffic if people would spend just a MOMENT to do some seatching of the forum to see that this question has already been answered AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.

I started with the red book. I didn’t even know about the existence of the opengl forum, NeHe’s magical site that everyone quotes, or a myriad of other things until several years after I started messin’ with OpENGL. yes, i know; not everyone is as amazingly talented as me (<cough cough> ) but the point I MUST stress is that this newby question is reiterated countless times, and the answer is EASILY foudn by spending a LITTLE effort doing a LITTLE searching. Before I post stuff to technical forums (C++, OpenGL, raising pet gerbrils) I check out the FAQ, do a search on the site, do a search on the web through google…

THAT is my POINT. Rude, or not. FEH!!


but, a quake engine is a very nice starting point indeed. making a bsp compiler / loader is done in a couple of hours (pvs included), and then you just have to write the rendering code, which is a breeze, whole thing should be slamdunked in an afternoon, even for a newbie.

That’s not true, I am a newbie and it took me three whole days to write a quake engine and rendering code!

3 Days!!!
I still dont have an BSP Compiler or renderer up! I’ve been going for months! I can do the rendering code perfectly, but BSP just causes major league problems with me 'cause of the heavy(?) math involved. Anyone point me to a good tutorial?

theres engines + theres ENGINES

of cource its not true, it was a joke