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I have a new website, please view it: BlueDev

Thank you.

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Jaw dropping with a thud to the floor

This site is AWESOME!!!

Your whole site design is incredible! It’s neat and efficient and very informative. At the same time, it does not overwhelm the user. I just updated my website to a new design:


The U of M adds those disclaimers at the bottom of every page, so it is kinda messed up. I just got it up yesterday, so there are a few problems (like the links on the left and right being white). I’d like your suggestion on the color scheme. I think it is kinda dull, but i dont’ know what colors to use.

Again let me emphasize that I find your site incredible AND VERY COOL!!! Did you make this site by just typing away in HTML or with an editor. I made mine by typing out every little character of html…and i’m not sure that was the smartest thing to do . Well, i’m very interested in seeing how this site turns out.

Do you guys take submissions for OpenGL tutorials? Well, I am HalcyonBlaze in the forums and consider your website added to my links (it’ll be up there tommorow…it’s kinda late and night right now).

Good work!

  • Halcyon

When I move the mouse cursor over the text in the main frame, the whole text is highlighted and underlined as if it was a link. Highly annoying.

But as Halycon said, nice design.


To answer Halycon’s question: Yes we do allow submissions for tutorials, and the way we do that is, you send me the tutorial(s) and I will see if I can upload it somewhere in the tutorial section.

Bob’s statement: Where in the main frame does the text highlight, becuase mine looks just fine, but if you explain where I might be able to change it.

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All texts in all pages behaves the same. Here’s an example of the front page. Everyhting is OK…

… until I move the cursor over the text…

The cursot does not appear on a screenshot, but it’s over the text.

Hey, I can’t even highlight the text. I’m guessing that is the desired effect.

  • Halcyon

Nice design, but I absolutely abhor pages that disable the context menu. It has more uses than viewing the source, which I could do through the View menu anyway.

Halcyon: Not allowing the user to select text is a desired effect on the webpage, and is enabled for all pages.

Bob: The problem on my webpage should be fixed in the near future, and thank you for telling me about that problem.

DFrey: The tutorials console page has been modified to allow text selecting, and I have included a custom context menu (right mouse click).

Updated a new Links page.

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If you would like to chat with me, please view the Chat page for further information.

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Please view the Chat room, it is now fully functional.
My Weekday Chat Time: 4:30pm PST - 8:00pm PST
Sometimes: 1:30pm PST - 8:00pm PST

Thank you.

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It’s really cool design !

Keep working on OpenGL tutorials


I just posted a new one a minute ago, Tutorial #2 for Win32.

Thanks for the reply.

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Not allowing the user to select text is a desired effect on the webpage, and is enabled for all pages.

I have no problem selecting text. See:

BlueDev has been created to peek your performance in C++ programming.

We have a series of tutorials for different skill levels, Console, Win32, and OpenGL.
Please view the tutorial section to gain more information about that topic.

BlueDev provides a Chat room and a Discussion Board (Forum) for asking questions and sharing new ideas.

BlueDev has also provided a Download section for any special downloads for these tutorials.

Also, wouldn’t it have been nice if the discussion of this website had been confined to one thread on the OpenGL Forums? Like, say, if you said at the end of the message something like, “Note: I also posted this in the Advanced’ Forum. Please only reply to this topic in that forum. I like cows. Thanks.” Wouldn’t that have been nice?

Good luck with the website.

Yeap, text selection is really no problem, you’d better work on OGL tutorials, looks promising. BTW, are you working with Borland C builder?

Hello M/\dm/

I’m working with MSVC or Microsoft Visual C++ 6.

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Please, if you don’t mind, check out my Chat room. I really look foward to seeing someone there. Thank You.


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