New Vid Card and OpenGL

I just purchased an GeForce 8800GTS 640 MB vid card and now any game that uses OpenGL will not work. All my drivers are updated, the games are patched. I have a program that keeps track of my drivers and programs to make sure they are up to date and for some reason it says that I am not running OpenGL despite the fact that there is an OpenGL32.dll file in my system32 folder. I have read about this problem a lot but read no solutions that apply to me. Anyone able to help me out so I can start using those games again?

Run GLInfo and see if it says
Nvidia corporation
next to vendor
and GL versopn should be 2.1.x.x.x.x.x.xxxxxx

If that is correct, then drivers are installed else you need to reinstall them.
If you have a desktop (I guess you do), for the drivers.

Thanks for the link. It does not say NVidia next to the vendor, it says Microsoft and is version 1.1… not 2.x. How do I find the OpenGL drivers at Nvidia’s site? I am already running the most current drivers for the card so if this is something different, I am having trouble finding it.

Thanks for the link, but where do I look? If you are thinking graphics drivers, I already have the most current. If I should be looking under one of those other headings, which one? I went through them all and saw nothing.

Yes it is “Graphics Driver” you need.

Just donwload and install for your OS. I have seen some automated driver updates not do the proper installation for OpenGL, so it is best to get it from Nvidia.

Also, you need to be a administrator when you install the driver and make suer to disable antivirus programs.
If it still doesn’t work, you need to clean your system with one of those “driver cleaners”. Do a google search.

Thanks for the replies. I do have the latest drivers already installed so what I will do is try this driver cleanup and then maybe try reinstalling the drivers and getting rid of the Opengl files in the sys32 folder first and see if that clears everything up.

getting rid of the Opengl files in the sys32 folder
don’t do that. really.

Originally posted by ZbuffeR:
[quote] getting rid of the Opengl files in the sys32 folder
don’t do that. really.
[/QUOTE]Okay, but what will happen if I do? OpenGL is not working at all as it is. BTW, I ran the driver cleanups. Reinstalled the video drivers in safe mode even and it still will not work. About to give up and pray that all future games I want to play use DirectX and not OpenGL. Never had a problem that was this resistent to being fixed.

“Okay, but what will happen if I do?”

You mean opengl32.dll?
Windows will detect an important system file is being deleted and will ask you to put the CD in for it to recopy it. At least that is the way it is on WinXP.

That file is NOT likely the problem. It’s most likely a registry issue. In the registry, there is some place that says “in case opengl is needed, run use the so and so file because that file has the ICD”

The ICD is what allows hw acceleration. On NV, it’s something like nvoglnt.dll

opengl32.dll belongs to WinXP and should not be deleted or changed in any way.

I think nVidia should make it so that it automatically detects these problems and advises the user or fixes it itself.

I’m not next to my PC for the moment.

Other reasons I have heard for no GL acceleration under Windows :

  • some versions of matlab did that
  • multi-monitor setup (badly configured)
  • switching cards, especially from different vendors (ATI, Nvidia, intel, …) btw what was your previous card ?
  • acceleration slider not at the max
  • a bug in the driver itself. maybe see with an older one, a newer beta, or ask on Nvidia forums.

You OS is which version exactly ?


I had a problem with the latest nVidia drivers (158.24) which broke OpenGL on my system (Vista 32bit, 7900GS).

I put back an older driver and OpenGL came back.

I don’t know what happens with nVidia’s latest driver but your problem might be related.

My old card was an ASUS Nvidia 7900 GTX. I have been trying to roll back the drivers, but it wont let me saying that there is no hardware supported by the old drivers.