New User ;)

Hi guys, I’m new of this forum!
I’m just register to learn some about opengl.
I hope to find some friends here and know more of opengl!!

c u Men!!

(p.s. Warning: I’m italian, so dont give many importance to my english syntax errors!! :wink: )

Hi, i’m a newb too (and my english is bad too :smiley: I’m living in France, i’m 17)
Welcome in OpenGL communauty, the coolest communauty over the galaxy !

If you want to know more about OpenGL, you should read the “OpenGL RedBook” THE reference concerning OpenGL programmation (for GL,GLU,GLUT), what language do you learn ?

If you want to learn more about C++ OpenGL programmation using Win32 API, you should check
you can also check if you’re programming with Delphi

You can download many documents,samples,SDK, basecode, about: GL extensions, advanced programming, shading programmation etc…

Just verify before if there isn’t a similar resolved problem or information :slight_smile:

(The moderator is an ugly dangerous ogre :eek: be carefull ! No, don’t kick me ) :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to both of you!

dont give many importance to my english syntax errors!
I’ll do for sure :wink: but please take some time to write down messages as much correct as you can. I sometime get crazy trying to figure out what some people mean (or why for that matter).