New to the openGL and C++ world, any pointers?

I’m 18, still in highschool, been taking classes at my career center for programming. We’ve really only been doing visual basic stuff, but I took the jump and want to learn c++ and openGL. Any pointers on what I should do? I’m going through the first tutorial at nehe productions and got a $60 book. I know everything in the world evolves around C++, so its a language I need to learn besides Basic :rolleyes: . Eventually my goal is to go to work for a Gaming company or start my own up. Also a question that bothers me, do people really actually remember most of the C++ language or are people constantly refering to it, because even the stuff in basic I can’t memorize?

First I must tell you, that C++ is not the ruller of the world… Pure C is also popular…

About remebering: you must remember some basics, like “a function to copy strings is called str… whatever…” and then you must search for “str…” in books, man, MSDN, or any place else.
Speaking seriously, if you try using C++ all the time you will remember all the things you need, but noone can remember all the specification so you can’t be a developer without a serious helping resource.
I use MSDN and some books, if you are interested. But not that often.

Speaking about OpenGL, you will need three things first: The Official Guide To Learning OpenGL, The Official OpenGL Reference and a lot of code samples. Officials you can get at, and the samples you can find with source code of GLUT, at, and lot of others (search in google’s directory).

Oh, I forgot to mention: you need a lot of inspiration. Do you have it?

PS. Do not be foolled by people, who tells you to use Direct3D insted of OpenGL: OpenGL is an idia, while Direct3D is only a piece of software.
I say this becouse OpenGL is an open standart an anyone is a part of it.

You need a compiler. Try DEv C++ ver It’s very stable and will accept ANSI C, which is common to other languages such as C++ , Java, ect.

If you know C, then later in College you will make the jump easily into these other languages.

So, to wrap it up… C and OpenGL = FUN!