New to OpenGL

Hello, people I am very new to OpenGL. I finally got OGL working on my system (Win95). I was working very hard to configure this monster, and I finally gave up. I heard the BloodShed Dev C++ has OpenGL is in it, so I installed it and it works perfectly!! What is the newestest version of OpenGL? Are there any good books on OGL? If there is a new version of OGL how do I upgrade it? Thanks

usually an OpenGL implementation is shipped within the OS, u should find OpenGL32.dll somewhere…
It’s better to get latest hardware vendors drivers for supporting extensions and new features, and if u are going to code something I also reccomend you to get the include files from vendors/SGI.

Some good books to start from are the Red Book (OpenGL Programming Guide by Addison Wesley)and the Blue Book (OpenGL Superbible by Waite press), u can also find lot of tutorials on the net.

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Thanks, I am going to get those books. I have another question(s). Where exactly can I find opengl32.dll and what is the Latest version of OGL?? In most programs I see glut.h what does that do??

You can find some information here:

The latest released version of MS OGL is 1.1 but soon should 1.2 be out.

On I see a OpenGL 1.2 book. Why is that?

GLUT is basically a ‘windowed mode’ wrapper for OpenGL and is NOT from SGI.

GLUT has no problem with full screen switching, see the GLUT ports of the NeHe tutorials. It was developed at SGI and many of the web pages is at SGI. Why do you think it is not from SGI?

I think the latest standard describes OpenGL 1.2 but MS is delaying the windows release. I guess it has to do with business…

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I currently have Open GL 1.1, how can I get 1.2? Do I just update the header files? or is there something more to it?

Microsoft also needs to upgrade some dlls so switching headers is not
enough. The OpenGL you are using is from your graphic card manufacturer
and is probably at version 1.2 already. OpenGL has an extension
mechanism that allows you to use the latest stuff before they are part
of the standard.

In other words, you have to wait.