New to OpenGL

I’m totally new to programming in OpenGL. I’d like some advice on where to start or some good suggestions on books to read to get some basic knowledge and an idea on where to start.


Two good books for beginners are:
OpenGL Programming Guide(RedBook) or
OpenGL SuperBible. Go to and read the customer reviews. You can also read the tutorials at

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When I started I found very little on the web to guide me and used the OpenGL Programming guide. Then when I sort of knew what was gong on I could look at tutorials, and lists like this, that are on the web.


If you want to program in a Windows environment and you’re a beginning programmer, I’d recommend that you get Visual C++ if you’re not already using it.

I’ve been programming in Direct3D for years but I’m just beginning in opengl programming. I use a Borland compiler and haven’t been able to successfully compile my first program yet due to lack of libraries, etc.

Silicon Graphics has a multitude of example programs but they specifically support Microsoft Visual C++ only.

So sg don’t support IRIX !?


NEHE’s tutorials are exellent. They teach you how to do all kinds of things.