New to OpenGL... references anyone?

Hi, I recently graduated with a bachelors in computer science and am planning on spending my summer developing a game for android. I made a demo(at least thats what we’ll call it) as an independent study this winter. Drawing was all done onto a flat canvas, which meant in order to make things appear in front of or behind objects I needed to do some nasty sorting. Thusly I have decided to learn openGL. I have been successful in drawing some objects to the screen(as Ive mentioned in other posts), and it looks great, but I am still a noob, a great big stinking noob. I am having trouble with associating matrices with my drawable objects, I am going to need a good handle on this as there are alot of animations required.Everything I have done with openGL to this point has been looking at tutorials, copy/paste/edit/slam head on desk… Are there any online references or even books you could recommend? I am developing for android which uses java, and free resources are preferred, but I understand sometimes you just have to pay. Thanks you for your help

These pages are really good to actually learn modern GL (rather than copy-paste magic formulas) :
Written by Alfonse Reinheart who is frequently present around here, so feel free to post here and ask for explanations on specific topics.

Thanks for the info, I have been directed to NeHe’s tutorials many times and do not find them as helpful as this one has been so far… Got a bit of reading to do today…!!!