New to OpenGL programming ..

Hi all,

Can any one let me have some small opengl source code in c++ for Linux, which has:

  1. Mouse driven menus,
  2. Reads a file and displays the same.

Any good pointer to this would be appreciated. Actually I did search in google, but mostly got to places that do not have things for Linux.

Expecting some help from any one of you,

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have a look at
or search google


While is a good site for tutors on openGL…not as good on the linux.

You will want to use something like GLUT for mouse and menu control.
But also you may want to look into using the QT openGL interface for full menu and window control.

Another if you have games in mind would be the SDL library, a nice cross platform. It has sound support. has some good glut and linux based tutors.

Thanks a lot to both of you for your replies.

I also have browsed the nehe site (not complete yet – but, based on whatever I did browse and download till now. Actually I was thinking that I am missing somewhere, but now became more confident . In factr I did browse nehe even before posting my message but after getting Martin’s feedback I went back once again) – it is more for Games and also not for Linux stuff. (pointed out correctly by Romka, sorry about that Martin. But it is the reality).

And, I do not have games in mind, Romka, rather some graphics / visualizations in mind. I have to do custom development with menu + mouse. So, I think I should use QT openGL combination. May I ask you for some source reference points (starting points) with these using C++ under Linux (having some free + downloadable source codes). I shall be really helped with these information from you.

Expecting to hear from you,

Thanks (once again) and regards,