New to OpenGL, need setup help

Yes, I am new to OpenGL, but definatly not new to C++, but I need some help. I tried to look at the FAQs and help site, but the instructions were not very clear.

My problem is this:

Where do I download a complete OpenGL SDK and where do I place the includes and libs?

I tried downloading the SDK from the site, but it didn’t have all the files like GLUT. So I would appreciate any help on getting the files and placing them in proper directories.

I am using Visual Studio .NET 2003 on Windows XP.

ok you can get GLUT here

or you could try FreeGLUT …just google it
or you could even use libSDL …google it too :wink:

i like using SDL because it can door more than just help setup GL windows but now we are getting off topic. I suggest u go over to nehe’s site and take a look at all the tut’s there, pretty good stuff and most tut’s will have a glut port and some will have an SDL port too.

You must put headers in /Vc7/PlatformSDK/include, it’s the same way to attempt /lib folder
In your future project, don’t forget to link the libraries, in: Project -> your_proj Properties -> linker -> input, in additional dependencies you put the libs like that: OpenGL32.lib GLu32.lib… do the same job with glut files, or another aux lib…

Don’t forget to declare headers to the preprocessor

Alright, so I place glext.h, glxext.h, wglext.h, glprocs.h, and gl.h into my VS 2003 /include directory?

yes, and you can add them in /include/gl/ directory, in this case you include like that:

 #include <gl\gl.h>
#include <gl\glu.h>

This is the common way in tutorials and books…

You need glut.h, gl.h glu.h glext.h wglext.h(for WIN32) glxext.h(for X-Windows system)
opengl32.lib glu32.lib
glaux.h in VC++ is out of date.

I recommend you using an OpenGL extension wrapper. For example, GLEW on

Easiest thing to do is grab an SDK fron Nvidia or ATI etc and install it this will install the correct Headers/Libs/DLLs and install them in the correct locations etc…

If you want to use Visual Studio:

It’s THE perfect guide for OpenGL with Visual Studio.

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