New to OpenGL: Blender Model to OpenGL code

Does anybody know how to take a model from Blender and then generate OpenGL C/C++ code from it? I’ve tried Blender -> VRML -> 3D Explorer and that has mixed results.

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sorry for my broken english !
i’v created a wrl exporter for my opengl game (wrl generated by blender) at now that load all stuff but have problem to handle matrix transform and normal vector compute
so the light is badly rendered with Gl and sometime bad position of wrl object
i will be happy if anyone can help me to patch this problem.
the source code is available (c++) just ask!

the best option would be to learn python, and then write a python exporter for blender that exports into your own format. this is what i did, and it works well, even though i cant stand using python, its better than nothing, and im a lot more familiar with my own format than somebody else’s, plus, the format contains only what i need…

Hi Spiral Man,

Could you show me how to do that using phyton?

Sure you don’t need to send me all your phyton code if you don’t want… just a short example would be nice.


Ive put the little python exporter I use on my site :

This is incomplete and to simple, but functional. Have a look if you want to start using blender python API.

Thanks a lot, rixed!

i’v all info to make my loader
:wink: merci rixed