New to C++ New to OpenGL. Which one first?

Hi there, my name is Dean and I’m just starting to learn C++. I want to learn it to focus on OpenGL though. Should I master C++ then go back and learn OpenGL or can both be done at the same time?

Id recommend learning c++ first check out , there are many good sites thats just one of them.

You should really have a good knowledge of c++ before tackling opengl and windows stuff.

You can learn some of the basics of both at the same time. Which would help make it fun.

Just when you get to the advance stuff, openGL becomes more math intensive and less C per say.

If you main goal is to program games and graphics, then math and learning how 3D graphics programming works and the concepts of it.

To learn C++ really well, avoid the entire VC or Windows MFC and go with plain old DOS (Command Prompt) coding. I’m assuming you already have an IDE/Compiler, but if not, Bloodshed’s DevC++ ( is the best free one. Right now, I’m a tech college student who’s in the final semester of a Computer Tech Major and have yet to learn as much about programming as I learned from Sams Publishing Teach Yourself C++ In 21 Days book. I recommend this book to ANYONE interested in C++. Best $40 I ever spent.

Hi !

I don’t get it, you say he should stay away from VC and use command prompt instead, then you suggest he download DevC++ ???


I think what he was meaning is to stay away from the Windows API and VC’s code generating functions. Good advice.

I actualy started with the SAM’s book, and it is very good. However, I would look into getting a standard college text to learn from after you are done with the SAM book.