New to apple OpenGL SDK

I just downloaded the SDK from apple for OpenGL. The documentation says it includes an API documentation, but I cant find it anywhere, not even at! could someone point me in the correct direction?


the SDK is referring to the AGL (Mac specific extension) which is described in the AGL reference PDF in the Documentation folder of the SDK.

Features of OpenGL for Mac OS that are specific to the Mac OS are
implemented by the AGL library. This book documents the AGL library, which
is implemented as a Mac OS system extension. This short overview is followed
by a section detailing differences between AGL version 1.1 and the current
version, AGL version 2.0.

The OGL Reference is the Blue Book described here:OpenGL News Archives titled OpenGL Reference Manual 3rd edition

It should be noted that this functionality will be completely different in OS X (Aqua) of which there is no official documentation regarding. Hopefully, this will be revealed this week at MacWorld NY with OS X beta…but we’ll see…

Hope this helps

thanks for the info, but are you saying that there is no free pdf or web page that lists the functions of the open GL library and what each one does??


The Blue Book is the official reference.


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