New Stupid question about OPenGl programming

Hi guy, I got some other stupid questions now.

For sure I know how to program with C, but now I am new to SUN.

I try to compile a C OpenGl file *.c, the code are correct.
It says cant find glut.h
as I find on glut.h file and copies to my folder and change the include path to run it.

It said glInitialWindowPosition not defined… (there are whole bunch of things undefined.)

I dont know what is wrong.

Or I should install Open GL on SUn? But I see openwin directory on sun disk.

What shall I do? Can you guys help to figure it out ?

Please ASAP

Thanks for your time and consideration.

If you are using gcc make sure you are linking the object files. ie
gcc -lGL -lGLU -lglut <filename>.c

The functions of glut start with ‘glut’.
so it should be ‘glutInitialWindowPosition’