new NVIDIA extensino specs online

just found out the new specs are online! cool stuff!


P.S. aah sorry for spelling mistakes

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Woohoo! nice 1 nvidia.

richy you’re online the whole time! are you at work or what?
i like the GL_DEPTH_CLAMP ext

why no GL_NV_shadow_count extension?
internally it would be something like
GL_NVX_incr_frontface_decr_backface and GL_NVX_decr_frontface_incr_backface

would half the vertex-processing amount in the vp… and like that it would save bandwith…

would be perfect for kyro2-based architecture where you would draw some triangles at a time and you could skip much framebuffer access by incr/decr directly in the current piece…

“Occlusion queries can be used as a replacement for glReadPixels of
the depth buffer to determine whether, say, a light source is
visible for the purposes of a lens flare effect or a halo to
simulate glare. Pixel counts allow you to compute the percentage
of the light source that is visible, and the brightness of these
effects can be modulated accordingly.”

Finally, GL_NV_occlusion_query allows nice lens flare effect

Originally posted by Lev:
just found out the new specs are online! cool stuff!

There not in the registry, though.