New NVIDIA Drivers

I just installed the new NVIDIA drivers on my system they seem to have improved the speed of my video and such. What is everyone else’s feedback on them?

This is my feedback

I do like the improved speed (I’ve noticed that they’ve dropped support for XAA while reading the docs) but there are quite a lot of bugs left in this driver…
Think I’ll have to wait for the next round of drivers.
(these are mostly unusable for me because they don’t seem to like Nautilus(2), altough I haven’t tried Nautilus 2.1.x yet…)


I’m running into similar problems, using detonators 40.71. Every single redraw in any gtk widget / window is so slow that you can actually see the process.

Maybe it’s XAA related, I don’t know.

I hope it will be fixed soon (


Well, to me it seems like Nautilus is the one that causes these problems on my system…

I do know that the iconview from Nautilus 2.2 will be much more optimised though, so most of the slow redraw problems may go away next year (as of 29 Januari, afaik)

Oh, and the nice alpha blended rubberband selections are slower using this driver (about the same speed as when using the open sourced ‘nv’ driver)
(I will stay using it though, it’s just soo pretty )

This is a bit offtopic though so I’ll stop whining now

For me new driver crashes X server after a few minutes working with konqueror. And my opengl app drops from 44 fps to 30.

Don’t know if you’ve found it, but this is the “official” forum to discuss bugs in NVIDIA drivers:

I’ve seen postings from NVIDIA driver people there, so maybe if you put your gripes there, the right people will get to see them.

Quite good improvemente in performance here

Ok I managed to get rid of the general 2D slowdown on my box (with 40.71 drivers).

Here are the options I added to my conf (XF86Config-4, Device section, along with NvAGP etc.)

    Option          "RenderAccel"   "on"
    Option          "PageFlip"      "on"
    Option          "HWCursor"      "on"

Hope it helps.


Im using RH 8.0 with everything up to date and everything seems to be running faster then usally(include wine apps). I use KDE/fluxbox and there running fine. I tryed gnome when I saw that you guys were having problems and everything ran fine while I was in gnome. My OGL apps seem to be running the same speed. If you are having problems you probly wanna compile the driver and GLX on your computer I always run into problems when I dont.

Believe me, that’s not the problem this time

Then what do you think your problem is?

Originally posted by nukem:
Then what do you think your problem is?

Since Gentoo is a “source-only” distro, that’s NOT the problem

Richard> if the RenderAccel trick did’nt change anything, look at XFree’s log files: it says when RenderAccel’s used (and perhaps in your case it failed to initialize?).


For me RenderAccel just crashes my X after some minutes. Didn’t take a look at the logs, but I will investigate this.

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