New look

Oooo, fancy.


Does it make your horny? Yea baby yea


I’ve been reading the site and boards for a while but never posted. The new site looks great, but I’m not sure about the drop down menus across the top of the main page. I use the back and forward buttons a lot when navigating. When I move the mouse down the page to select a link it seems like I always hit the menu bar and stuff pops up. Especially when you type in in the address bar, then try to move the mouse down to the forums. The links are covered by the “About OpenGL” menu that pops up.

Now all we need is a moderator.

It’s an improvement, they just need to fix the broken homepage link and URLs with IP addresses in them.

The new site looks great. A couple broken links, but that is probably pretty easy to fix.

Moderated discussion forums is the way to go. It would be nice if something like phpbb was used.

It has so many useful features. Private messaging, images, preview before post, close old threads, better moderation, memberlists, better code output, etc.

Nice… very nice indeed

Just my 2 cents

nice work.

Oh yeah, the site looks different…


Is this the DirectX forum?


What’s an int?

l33t s1t3 j00 g0tz 0n d4 int4rw3bb !


Nice evolution !

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Son, why are you up at this time? Go to bed!

Very nice!! Some new forum boards too… Bout time