New in 3D world, working on a game need some help


I’m new into 3D world and I was wondering if some experienced peoplen could offer me advice and help.

I’m working on WW2 opearitonal wargame using hexes (anyone played WW2 board games before ? ). My game egine is already coded in 2D, I’m pretty much happy with it except that it 2D it looks a bit boring compared to 3D world.

I’m just getting 3D book called "Real-Time rendering By: Eric Haines, Tomas Moller "
to learn something about theory…

I did take a look at Directx7, too complex and gave up, tried Directx8 but it still seems a bit confusing and still doesn’t seems that clean, not a lot of tutorials and documentation around. I have only very briefly touched OpenGL a long time ago and it seems cleaner than Directx. Here is what I need for my game:

I would like to have 2D plane representing my map in 3D world. I would apply 2D textures with transparency to this map so that I can draw hexes. Then I need to have deformed cubes representing as counters. I need to be able to use my mouse to navigate on the hex map. Meaning as I move my mouse on the screen to trasfer that into 3D world with view so that when I click on a location on the map I know which hex I’m selecting. Also I need to be able to select a unit couter box and move it few hexes around. Also I need to be able to use mouse or keyboard to move around in the world, rotate, zoom in/out of the map. Fog would be nice too. That’s all, just cubes and 2D plane in terms of objects. Is there an engine for this that would help me ? How can I start looking at this idea from OpenGL point of view. Any ideas where can I find some tutorial for this purpose ? I would assume I still need DirectSound and DirectPlay…should be a problem to use with OpenGL right ?

Thanks a lot for your comments and help.

Peter Fisla

PS: My system:
P3 500Mhz, 256MB ram, TNT2Ultra, SBLive!

That sounds simple to do, you should not have that much problems. check out this should give you all the info to do what you want to do. Asuming that you have all the sound working in DrectSound for your 2D vertion it will probly work unmodified in the 3D vertion. DrectInput will work fine with OGL there is somthing about it at NeHe.

Good Luck

Thanks validus, I will take a look at the site.