new headers

I was hoping to pick up gl-programming afresh with gl3. Actually read the whole spec. from start to finish and felt good to go.

However there are some practical issues I find surprisingly hard to find information on:

  1. What’s with the new headers (GL/gl3.h)? The spec. says they should be available from the registry, which they aren’t. I’we googled for information on this every day last couple of weeks… It would be very nice to have a setup which steers clear from all legacy stuff.

  2. I had a look at glext.h from the registry and found that a lot of core functions are declared in there? Why is that?

  3. If the official release of these headers is taking time. Wouldn’t someone in the community pull together an unofficial release? Isn’t that relatively easy if you know your way around.

What I’d probably do - if I weren’t so lazy - is parse all the *.spec files from the registry for all the core functions and enums.

For enums, look for categories with “VERSION” in the name.
For procs, same thing but with an exception or 2 (e.g., framebuffer core procs are filed under ARB_framebuffer, not VERSION_3_0).

Part of GL’s charm is having to grapple with the occasional nuisance - right of passage sort of thing :wink: