New Graphics Library

Would anyone like to start on making a new graphics library. Generally it would be linux\windows based, hopefully with 2d and 3d functions. It would be Object Oriented, so developed in C++, and come complete with a windowing tookit. Anyone interested? Open Source is now a good option.

There are already hundreds of such projects, many having a similar problem: they die after a month or two.


Name Some.

go to and search for “3d c++” there are plenty of different 3d,2d,c++, … libraries.


seek for glow or somethings like that…

Or check out the 3D engine list. Thousands of em, from low level rasterizers to sophisticated professional scene graphs. The trouble with someone starting a project like this is they clearly don’t know what’s out there or they wouldn’t bother, and knowing what’s out there is a nice prerequisite for starting. Catch 22. There are lot’s of projects and most of them are very bad, some are quite good. There is still a dearth of 3D applications although people seem to think they are really cool, so maybe chase a 3D application project.

Most projects on Farce Scourge never get past the planning stage, how many projects are on there now in the planning stage with zero software developers?

Though OT, but IMO Linux/Windows still needs a good free modelling software. Blender sucks, all other I’ve tried suck too (compared to 3dsmax). Many many people have the problem of having a 3d engine but having no data to play with. 3dsmax allows to create simple 3d models even without great knowledge of the package. We need something free like 3dsmax.


Yeah I suppose. ANyone wanna make a modeller/animator?

My only complaint about Blender is that it doesn’t have a programmatic interface to data (outside of writing some Python script), which makes exporting data to a non-Blender file format difficult. Granted, I haven’t used Blender yet, but I hate 3DS Max’s interface enough to give Blender the benifit of the doubt.

And the exporting features of Blender won’t get any better, I guess because NaN doesn’t want it.

One huge plus of 3dsmax ist procedural nature of objects: you create a sphere, and you can change the paramaters like radius or complexity any time. Also the modifier stack is a great thing. And of course many many features blender does not have simply because its free and 3dsmax not.

dmdrummond: The modelling/animation app is a huge project, you cannot just say: “okay lets do it” and in after some time its ready.


I think Blender is just another business model. I tried it and more or less understood it. Some basic features I wanted were missing. But it’s ok except for the file exporting. The interface needs to be redone completly.

But what do you expect. $ = quality (in most cases)


Have you guys taken a look at gmax? I like it…

AFAIK gmax does not support exporing/importing other formats than its own. Or can you use MaxScript to write your own exporter, I believe not.


I’m agrea with all what has been said, and i think that money is a important part for a really great development, but not necessary the key part. The proof is Linux, that is an Open Source project that start on the Linus Torval fundations.
I think, in all projects, we must have brains that establish the context in wich other coders come to extend the features of the software.
I’m working on a expendable multi-purpose low level library that permit the contribution of every coders trough a strict but very simple mecanisms. This API is not based on a classic function list, but on few function and selectors with simple type parameters (no structures), like in opengl.

I will communicate in few month on this, and I’ll hope that many people will join the extension of this library.

Over this library, a full featured class library is running, with a 3D engine, a GUI called EZ GUI, and a lot of other things…
At end, this tools will integrate a low poly modeler that is derived from one I have developped for the development of a race game for Michelin (the french tire manufacturer).

So, I think it is posible to make more efficient than 3DS max for the game development, by making the content tools creation running directly over the game engine !

I’m working on portable, modulare and expendable software that will offer very advanced features (infinite undo, construction stack, network absolute realtime synchronysation)…

I hope port all this over DirectX and Renderware, to offer a new level of developpement time reduction.