New GLUT Problems

I wanted to get the latest GLUT to get the Game Mode Capability. At the moment I have some older GLUT (cant remember which version exactly). I downloaded the new glut dlls, lib, and h files, installed them appropriately into the DevCPP/include/GL, DevCPP/lib and windows/system directories, but my programs that worked ok before no longer compile. It says that “undefined reference to…” and then lists all the glut AND gl AND glu functions that were used. I have DevC++, Win98, and Geforce256. Can someone help, it isnt urgent since i have reverted to older glut which works, but I would like to fix this nevertheless.

Sounds like a linker error if I’m not mistaken. Are you sure you have the .libs in your project library path for this project? Just eliminating the obvious I’ve never had any problems with upgrading GLUT versions before so I doubt it’s a GLUT problem.

Hope that helps.