New GL 4.1 tutorials

I have to announce that a set of new GL 4.1 tutorials are available.

Also have to admit that the site is in the state of chaos, but it will be changed in the foreseeable future. It is important to have useful material, and the form will follow … maybe … one day … :slight_smile:

The root of the site is on the following address:

and currently only three GL 4.1 links are valid:
OpenGL 4.1 Tut 01 - Overview (not finished yet)
OpenGL 4.1 Tut 02 - Grabbing new functionality
OpenGL 4.1 Tut 05 - Debug output (the most complete one)

The code is finished for 03 (Checking the extensions) and 04 (Binary shaders) but story-writing not yet. Out of order writing is induced by requests from this forum. So if you prefer to see some extension in the action, just name it. Of course, let me first finish the third and the forth tutorial.

All comments and proposals are welcome!


Dude thanks allot =) really appreciated