New developers wanted for Crystal Space


I’m the project manager of Crystal Space. Crystal Space is an Open Source and portable 3D engine that runs on GNU/Linux, Windows, and MacOS/X. It supports OpenGL, vertex and fragment shaders, dynamic and static lighting, stencil shadows, fog, particle system, landscape engine, physics (using ODE), skeletal animation (using CAL3D or built-in), 3D sound, scripting via python and support for perl and java.

You can find more information about Crystal Space here:

We just released Crystal Space 1.0 and are now aiming at the next 1.2 release in the beginning of April 2007. To help us with the development of Crystal Space we would like to attract a few more developers. If you match the following requirements (or are willing to learn them) then there’s a good chance you can be a valueable addition to out team:
[ul][li]Be very motivated. This is the single most important requirement. If you are motivated[/li] then usually the other requirements are not hard to obtain.[li]Good C++ knowledge. Crystal Space is written in C++ and we use inheritance, templates, and several other C++ constructs.[]Good with software design.[]Depending on the task, good OpenGL knowledge can be an advantage although it is not strictly required for some of the tasks below.[*]Good knowledge on vector and matrix maths. This is also something that depends on the task.[/ul][/li]
There is a lot of work in Crystal Space. Here you find a list of things that still have to be done. If you are interested in any of these then give us a mail. If you follow the link with each task then you can get more information (note that some of these task pages are not very complete yet):

[ul][li]Decals ( Work on support for decals on animating objects.[]ImprovedTerrain ( Integrate an improved terrain engine into main Crystal Space.[]OpenAL ( Integrate a work in progress OpenAL 3D sound renderer into main Crystal Space.[]Streaming Loader ( Integrate a work in progress streaming loader into main Crystal Space (enables faster and optionally threaded loading of mesh data).[]Particle system ( Work on porting one remaining old style particle system to a recently added new particle system.[]Particle editor tool ( Work on a tool to edit particle systems.[]Driver Database ( Work on cleaning of old entries from our OpenGL Driver Database.[]Work on viewmesh ( Viewmesh is a tool to preview models for Crystal Space. It works but need some enhancements and improvements.[]Bullet Physics Plugin ( Work on the Bullet Physics plugin (in addition to the ODE physics plugin).[]Cleaning out deprecated stuff. We have a lot of old stuff in Crystal Space that we marked as deprecated. All things that are marked as deprecated in 1.0 should be removed in 1.1.[]Take a bug from our tracker ( and fix it.[/ul][/li]
There is more to do but of course but this list should get you started.