New Card Not Working-FOUND FIX!

Bought FX5900XT-256-didnt work. Maybe this fix will work for you. Found it wasn’t the driver that I installed, but HOW I installed it! For Windows ME:click Start-Settings-Control Panel-Add/Remove Programs and remove old NVidia driver(s). (I showed two:New NVidia Driver and Windows 95,98,ME NVidia Driver. Seemed to work best if only one is removed for some reason, but can remove both if you don’t restart until 2nd removed). When removed, Windows will call for restart and do so. Your desktop will now come up in Safe Mode and will search for new hardware to replace driver. Window pops up saying “Found new hardware”: Standard PCI Graphics Adapter. GO NO FURTHER and make sure “Automatically Search for better driver” is selected. Now is the time to insert new Driver CD and download. During download Windows should search for better driver. In my case two were shown for some reason: 5353 from 11/26/003 and 5655 from 1/29/004. Pick the latest and apply. CD will download and work to finish. Restart? should come up and do so. Normal desktop comes up and somewhere along the way the NVidia nView multidisplay setup Wizard should pop up. Make sure you only have one CRT picked and then set your resolution you want. Everything should be good from there. For those who do not have CD you gotta download Driver from NVidia site to normal desktop 1st then work through sequence. You may have to go to control panel after getting rid of old driver and go to Display-then Settings-then Advanced-then Change to get to the “Automatically search for better driver thing”. Good luck Hope it helps.

Just a couple of comments…

  1. This is an OpenGL forum, not general card support.

  2. Windows ME sucks… no it really sucks… like Windows 3.0 sucks. Most of your install problems stem from just how sucky suck suck Windows ME sucks. Did I mention that it sucks?

  3. Never ever install drivers from the CD the come with the card. Always download the latest from the manufacterer website.