New ATI OpenGL extensions documented.

They have uploaded the docs to the new extensions.

These seem to be really cool :



ATIX_envmap_bumpmap provides access to environment mapped bump mapping functionality For full details, please refer to the ATIX_envmap_bumpmap spec.

I LOVE this one :


ATIX_texture_env_route gives the application access to the flexible routing available in the RADEON™’s pixel pipeline. It also allows secondary color and post-transform fog factor to be used as inputs to the multitexture stages. For more details, please refer to the ATIX_texture_env_route spec.


ATIX_pn_triangles provides a means for tesselating triangular geometry according to the method outlined in the paper Curved PN Trianglesby Alex Vlachos, Jörg Peters, Chas Boyd and Jason L. Mitchell.

For more details, please refer to the ATIX_pn_triangles spec.

Jason, have you forgotten the vertex streams extension ? It has mysteriously disapeared

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could you give a direct link to the .txt file.

I am using IE and I seem to have a lot of problem getting access to them

I mailed Dev. relations about this, should be fixed in a breeze.

oh ok. I misunderstood from your post that you had been able to get access to them.

Anyway, can’t wait for those extensions!!

Looks like the web guys shanked part of the upload. I’ll follow up and get those links fixed on Monday.


thanks Jason!

OK…all the specs appear to be online now.


Yes they are. And they look pretty sweet!