neverwinter nights

i need opengl 1.2 for xp s3

nvidea geforce2 gts\geforce2 pro
drivernv4_disp.dll version6.14.0010.5673 current video

i need this for neverwinter nights 1
it wont pass the hardware test. config ini shows nothing of my system was found

i don’t know what number follows gts

That’s ok. Choose one of the cards and it will probably work because it is a unified driver. It will auto detect your card and install the right driver.
The GL version would be 1.5 after installation.

GeForce 2 is absolutely ancient.
NVIDIA don’t support anything earlier than GeForce 5.
The only place I could find a copy of the driver is at

Don’t click the big green button. Just under it you will see a link called “Direct download link”. Clicking on that will start the download.
It is 40.6MB

the nvidea drivers packs only had the xp standard for the card the game says that xp drivers does not have robust opengl but i was looking at this glh stuff i got them but i don’t know if i will get the files into the right folders but first i’ll try these newvidea drivers

what games console systems could i emulate eg goldeneye64 tenchu playstation

k7 1200 duron 512ddr

ok i tried those drivers from the recommended post 8/8/13 from simon those at installation say thay cant find drivers for my hardware and the stuff from vman looks good but i still need the graphic card folders to put the files and dlls into so this looks like i need the nvidea software pack [original] this must be what the arbon was trying to sent me !!!

no worries i found the nvidea site gf2 pro drivers i would like to know about this glhlib i don’t see the lib folder the dev folder [device] should be c:
should i make this lib folder

u say after installing geforce2 drivers theilld be 1.5 well i got gts pro from nvid i guess it’s time to try the game but i still can’t work this glhlib because i can’t find where the files go