Neverwinter Nights Problem

Ok, heres the deal… I posted this on the game’s support site, and didn’t receive an answer. But I’ve been having problems in the game where after a seemingly random amount of time the game freezes and gives an error:

Nwmain has caused an error in
Nwmain will now close

From that, you can tell I use an NVidia GPU (Geforce 4 MX embedded in the motherboard). And I also know that it doesn’t use the standard opengl32.dll that is supplied with windows. And since I updated my drivers I found that it keeps a copy of NVOPENGL.DLL in the directory where you install it and in windows/system. So all together there are 3 version of opengl.dll on my system (the opengl32.dll in in windows/system too). Would having all three of these on there interfere with their use at all? If you guys know anything send me an email about it after posting (as I don’t come here regularly). Now that I’ve rambled on for a bit my email is, thanks for taking the time to read this.