Neverwinter Nights Open GL Problem

I have an Nvidia Geforce 3 Ti500 based card

I have installed the latest drivers for it.

The problem is this when I try and run Neverwinter Nights, its moves at a snails pace, according to the help desk this is because Opengl is not installed.

However the Nvidia drivers are meant to include it.

I also tried to uninstall the cards drivers and reinstall it as a PCI VGA card as suggested by the help desk, but Windows keeps telling me theat the only avilalbe card is an Ati which as the MB does not have an integrated adaptor I am at a loss ot know why.

So my problem is where has Opengl got to?

ANd how can Iget NWN working properly

if u have win 2000 or win xp then u should download windows servicepack 3 on microsofts page…i had the same problem with other games…i hope it will help u

Servicepack 3?

I have dlled and installed Servicepack 1 for XP, so firgive my ignorance how will installing Win2ks servicepack 3 help?