network realtime multirendering ????

i’d like to know before to focus on programming, how possible would be in opengl to :

  • program a mother process that would calculate a 3d opengl scene with random graphical events on the faces of a basic white cube…

  • program a typical view-settable child process that would display one of the faces of the cube of the mother process…

-networkly launch on several computers the child process in order to have a different view on EACH computer OF THE MOTHER PROCESS (i know, it’s some kindo crazy idea. you tell me so ?!)…

-the all stuff realtime, synchronized with the mother and all, possibly antialiased (on each child).

okay, yeah i admit they released me yesterday but i tried to escape already. don’t like white cells anyway :slight_smile:

but is that possible or should i go back there ???
thanx for answers…

It seems to me the “mother” program could just be a “server” program and not even require OpenGL, just manage some data structures and client connections.

Then your “children” (clients) would need to have OpenGL access, and given a datastream from the server running on another (or possibly the same) system could find out what to render.

What Horai said seems reasonable. However, you could
have one of the client (rendering) processes keep the
state of things and broadcast it to all other clients.

I could not really give you specific ideas on how to
implement this, because it largely depends on the
content and purpose. However, it is an interesting
topic and I am sure others have worked on it, so your
best bet is to try searching (Google is your friend).
Some first thoughts come to mind… You could use
MPI (the mpich implementation) to launch a parallel
program on the client machines, and have each of
the clients spawn a thread for rendering purposes,
and you can simply use the main process to manage
the communication and the data structures. But all
of this depends on the purpose and content…

Oh, and if you succeed in this venture, write a nice
article and post it somewhere so others like you can
search and find it…

thanx guys !

be sure if this project finally sees daylight you’ll be aware round here. don’t know yet what i can do by my own and if we’ll finish it one day.

anyway cool for replies again !