Is there any chance for an official .NET wrapper for OpenGL?

Just wondering :slight_smile:


I thought the current libs worked with .NET
otherwise you would need an import tool (ask MS)

Did you try the VC++ libs?


Well for best performance and the “prettiest” interface you would need to write a .NET wrapper using Managed C++ (which is why Managed C++ exists, to provide a supperiour porting means from unmanaged to managed code).

One such wrapper does exist: http://sourceforge.net/projects/csgl
and I am sure there are more.

However I would like to see an official one!

Is this likely?


What do you mean by “official”? Officially produced by the ARB, or officially produced by Microsoft?

In either case, I’d guess the answer’s no. The ARB produces specifications, not implementations. And Microsoft badly wants OpenGL to crawl away and die.