.NET wrapper for OpenGL

What are people using to make OpenGL calls from a C# program?

Any experience with OpenTK? (http://www.opentk.com/)

I found half a dozen other links with Google, but they all seem to be “page not found”. :slight_smile:


A “wrapper” isn’t required, you can simply call the API like you would any other, eg. Win32.
If you need some code to get started though, such as the various API constants and defines, check out CodeProject or Google it.
The online help with VC# also includes the information on most OpenGL API calls up to around 2.x.


I like using a C++/CLI native window to create an openGL context. Then i can share a lot of source with my purely native openGL apps.

OpenTK works like a charm for me !


Works great for me.

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