.NET Waterfall component

Hi everyone, I need to write/find a .NET component for creating waterfall plots. Does anyone know if something already exists like this? Would openGL be a good choice for this? Right now, the alternatives are QwtPlot3D and gnuplot.


Of course :wink:

NET and OpenGL? Butter.

Integrating OpenGL with .Net is very easy. Check out OpenTK or Tao.

Can any one help me with the code of Waterfall display on .NET, windows,C++,OpenGl

Its Very Urgent

What’s a waterfall plot/display?

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Thanks For the Response and interest…

WaterFall Display is something like this.

Considering the (0,0) is the top left corner of the screen, the first data is drawn on the First row.
When the second data comes, it is drawn on the first row and the previous data is drawn on the second row.

In this way, the new data is drawn on the first row and the remaining previous ones are drawn below dat…

I think with this info you can get what is waterfall display…