Nehe tutorial on initializing window gives error when compiled

Hi, here’s the error:

/tmp/ccodmAFC.o(.text+0x26f): undefined reference to ‘glutKeyboardFunc’

It does this for every glut and gl function in the small program. I checked to see if i had the .h files installed and they’re there. Does anyone know what I can do?

You need to link in the glut library:

gcc … -lglut

Ok, I did that and it got rid of all the errors that had the above form with glut* functions but the errors are still there for gl* and glu* funcitons. There are different errors now that say:

/usr/lib/ undefined reference to ‘gluQuadricNormas’

and it looks like there is an error of this form for all the functions that start with gl and glu. I guess if i link another library it will fix all these problems. Is there something else I should link? I’ve been using VC++ 6 and i think it does these steps for you so thats why i’m confused.

Just use gcc … -lglut -lGL -lGLU.

Visual Crap++ didn’t do anything for you… you probably used NeHe’s project file which already had it specified.

All of the NeHe tutorials I’ve ever downloaded came with a makefile. Why not use it instead? Just type “make”.

right right I tried the make file but it wouldn’t work. I’ll gcc with theextra options.

Ok, the make file would have worked but when i saw it in the directory i thought i had to type makefile not make. SO make worked and so did compiling with the options, thanks guys.

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