NeHe Tutorial number 6...

I’ve successfully completed the five of NeHe’s previous tutorials, but this one is blatantly refusing to work. I think I’ve narrowed my problem down to a problem actually loading the texture file. Can anyone tell me exactly what the line that actually loads the texture file into ram should say? (the filename is "Texture.bmp).

In the original is it done with the glaux library. If you do not have it or it is broken can you get a new one from the net.

The line that loads the texture is this one:
if (TextureImage[0]=LoadBMP(“Data/NeHe.bmp”))
(from NeHe’s site)

the problem here with you running the app may be if you didn’t put the bitmap file in then right directory. In the case of the actual NeHe example the file NeHe.bmp is in the Data subdirectory. This means for example if the .exe file is in c:\program files\DevStudio\Lesson06\debug

then the bitmap needs to go in:
c:\program files\DevStudio\Lesson06\debug\data

you can also change this line from this:
if (TextureImage[0]=LoadBMP(“Data/NeHe.bmp”))
to this:
if (TextureImage[0]=LoadBMP(“NeHe.bmp”))
to load the bitmap from the same directory that the .exe is in.

Another thing you have to understand is that Visual C++ (5.0 is the one I run) makes a temporary .exe to run in when you select execute from within VC. The directory this .exe is made in is under project settings if you want to change it. This can cause problems such as you describe so I suggest you do change it.

Another thing you can do is create a folder like c:\VCData and always put your files there. Just remember to change it back in the program you make when you are done with it and want to use a different directory.

Also I’ve used directory and folder interchangebly because I am used to saying directory since the days of DOS.

You best put the files in the Project Directory (and not the debug subdir). MSVC can handle it and so you don’t need to store the files twice (debug and release).

Since you guys seem to frequent NeHe’s site, would any of you happen to still have a link to those OpenGL appwizards he’s always talking about? Thanks!