neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp:(

hello every body
i want to write a program of CAD gates
so plz help me and tell me: how can i write
(OR,AND,NOT,NAND,NOR,XOR) gates functions in a simple way …plz help me and write them in a simple way???ok darling
and my kisses to everyone :cool:

Hi !

I guess you mean that you want to render AND gates and so on in an OpenGL window, now if you just need some kind of CAD application then I guess you don’t need 3D.

And if so it’s pretty easy, a rectangle with an & symbol inside should do it, unless you want the american style, they are a little bit more complex, you need to draw arc’s.


Hi Mikael
Iam new in openGl and i like to learn it.
I found an exercise for creating CAD program that analyzes the behavior of an interconnection of digital logic gates.So my program should draw all basic shapes i.e, NOT,OR,AND,NAND,NOR,XOR.
And also the user can construct a circuit by picking and placing dfferen gates at different places(translating) in the work area, possibly with different sizes(scaling) and orientations(rotating).

Here i think we need to draw arcs for And and Nand
for Not i think we draw polygon with n=3 .In or i think arcs with line but what else.How can i write this program? i tried to write it but i couldn’t continue .I don’t have the basic idea(the idea is not clear in my mind) until now to write it.As i said iam new in openGl and i think iam too foolsh
to understand it (espacialy i learn it by my self)

So after this all could you show me the program for this exercise(if you can write it) please??
And thankyou for your helping lovely_kid