NEED YOUR HELP “ 3D Software for Virtual Reality Assimilation”

Hi there!
I’m willing to join your 3D community I never used OpenGL before.

I’m current producing a 10 minutes DV film and I’d like to associate my footage with 3D virtual reality to create special effects.

I’ve seen a program on TV, where technician used digital camera to record footage, which were converted into the path of a narrow laser beam as it scans an object.
Data from the camera were used to create the 3D model, which could be rotated and enlarged on a computer screen as if it were a real object.

They also used virtual reality camera to shoot scenes that was difficult to film with real camera.
They came up with virtual reality insemination such as fire, explosions, crash, flying cars, automated-restaurant, etc.

I’m wondering to inquiring if OpenGL is of any help to achieve such result.
Alternatively, would someone please guide, explain or help with information or url of a suitable software to achieve such performance?

Any input recommendation or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

OpenGL is a low-level API for drawing graphics, frequently 3d graphics. I think you’re looking for something to digitize objects that you film. I did a quick Google search on “digitizing objects”, and this place came up:

Thanks yakuza!
Your input clarified my idea. I’ve surf the Net looking for any particular software that would perform 3D digital lazar scanning – I’ve found rather companies doing the service than the actual software.
I’ll keep looking.
Thanks again.