Need wolfenstien help./...

Hi everyone, I just recently got Wolfenstien game of the year edition, and I am not able to hook up to any servers online. I have WinXP but my firewalls are down, and I was wondering if anyone could help me… ty

You’ve lost me. You have a firewall but have it turned off?

You cannot see any servers?

Bit puzzled on your problem.

In order to connect to servers online, you must make a hole through your firewall and/or disable it (not recommended) -AND- you must be running the latest version of Wolfenstein.

Hi. Ok first off thank you for the potential help, but I went to the wolfenstien website, downloaded the newest version, and still cannot see a single server for multiplayer. I wish I understood computers better for a greater description to my problem, but I don’t. Yes, I have my winXP firewall turned off, because it is required for me to play an online game called Well of Souls. I hope somebody could figure out what is going on with my wolfenstien, but only time will tell. Thanks.


I’m not sure what I can say about this problem though I’ve ran into it multiple times I just either shut down my firewall or reset my hub connection, but im not sure if this a game problem or a connection problem. One question first, have you played any other multiplayer games with the same problem or is just this game?

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