need to download OpenGL 2.1 or 1.2 to repair virus

My pc got virused and when I reinstalled everything I only had opengl 1.1.2
I know I had a higher one then that before because my game and programs needed it and they did work.
I can see the opengl by starting a moded edition of teh game savage which needs 1.2.
The graphic chip is a intel but the driver they have is older then the driver I currently have and it causes errors.
I have windows xp sp2 and directx 10 on this computer and it si only a couple years old.

please help!

I have windows xp sp2 and directx 10

This is a lie.
What is your video card, exactly ?

Intel 82915G/82910GL Graphics Controller

it should have opengl 1.4 originally and I thought I saw 2.1 on there in one of my graphics engines

And by the way Ithis is also stopping me from installling service pack 3 for windows and I just double checked that I had Directx 10>

There is no directx 10 for xp. And OpenGL implementation is provided through the Intel driver. If you have no OpenGL acceleration even with latest driver installed, reinstall windows.

You installed these drivers, right ? With an administrator account ?…45&submit=Go%21

OOOKKKAAAAYYY,…Please read my first message

  1. I jusst reinstalled windows
  2. the drive that xp installed is newer then what intel has on the site.
  3. the intel website has no opengl in its driver
  4. I went to the microsoft website and got the directx 10 right off the site and it says somewhere that I my version is directx 10 now
  5. the notes for my graphics say it has opengl 1.4 and I had opengl 2.1 on it before because on of the graphic engines requires that.

That is what I have or did and see if it is lieing to me then I can’t help it I will run pcpitstop agian and check.

there is only one account on this pc at this time so yes

and that link is not the driver that came up for my gpu I might try it to see. are you showing me the one you think is right.?

I have opengl 1.1.2 according to everything what do mean opengl acceleration do you mean hardware acceleration as it shows in the display properties advance troubleshoot tab?

Of course I did read your first message :slight_smile:

But how can we trust you, when you say you are the first one on earth to have DirectX10 on WindowsXP ? When Microsoft says that DX10 is the biggest argument to make you buy Vista ? Maybe you just downloaded another virus …

Open DirectX Diagnostic Tool by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, typing dxdiag in the Search box, and then pressing ENTER.

Click the System tab, and then, under System Information, check the version number.

  1. the drive that xp installed is newer then what intel has on the site.

So what ? You trust microsoft to give you opengl ? Very unlikely.

  1. the intel website has no opengl in its driver

the Release Notes do mention several bugfixes related to OpenGL.

okay that says 9.0c and my other stuff says 10 wierd I did goto the microsoft site and download where it said directx 10 must be an error with one of the things i add to my system since it was at directx 7 fresh from the disc.

so if intel/microjunk doesn’t give you the right stuff how are you supose to get it I just need the liabaries the place to stick them and a way to have the system registar that they are there. most of my staff only needs 1.2 I only have a few 2.1 programs and I can use the other machine. but this one is trash without 1.2 opengl

How to determine version if DX

I didn’t know Intel offered GL 2.1 in their drivers. It has always been 1.4. Contact them through their email support.

X3500 or higher has OpenGL 2.0 support, anything below that is 1.5 or 1.4. GMA500 for Atom/Pentium M on the other hand (developed by the guys who brought you Kyro, PowerVR), supports OpenGL 2.0 and Direct3D 10.1.