Need tips of good 3D-render technique...

Hi, I’m a Visual C++ programmer that is going will in a short time start a new project in Visual Studio .NET (for e.g. C# as language)

In my project I will have need of some kind of 3D scene where I’m going to visualise building projects. A building project can have about 30.000 objects.

I’ve earlier worked with VRML and OpenGL but now searches any other 3D-technique that satisfy my needs. I know there is a lot of free engines out on the internet but I don’t know where to start.

My needs of the “3D-edgnine” are:

  1. Easy installation

  2. Good and free API

  3. Ability to create 3D-solids (by for e.g. an array of points) in an easy way.

  4. Ability to it in a WinApp .NET application

  5. Pace textures on surfaces.

  6. Ability to identify which object a user has clicked on (with some kind of event).

  7. Actually not that much more.

Why did you double post?
Anyway here is a sugestion: OGRE

I got that link from here