Need Thoughts

Hi Guys,
I was wondering if I could have some opinions of the visual quality of a project I’m working on.
If you go here:
you can see some full screenshots.


It’s fairly good by the last image… (the one at the bottom). You might want to do some line smoothing though. That’s the only point I’d pick on, really.

Doesn’t look to bad I have to say. Just a few questions. Is the mountains in the background a static image, or a part of the landscape (can you take the snowmobile there)?

The visual quality can easily be high, but how is the app running? High framerate?

And yeah, you can see the pole (the one farthest away in the first shot) beneath the snow .

Hi Guys,
Thanks for taking a look at the pics.
The frame rate is about 30 fps on a P200-voodoo2 card system.
The mountains are unfortunately static, but I hope to have terrain that looks just as good as the background.
Yeah the pole goes through the strip of ground, but I’m still working on stuff like that.
Thanx again.

I really like the settings… looks like home Anyway, something that I think enhance the realism a lot is shadows. Maybe there is some cheap algorithm for adding shadows to the ground. That would be great!

Just wondering, since i’ve the same system (P200/vaudoo2)… how many visible triangles are drawn in these frames ?


Hi Guys,
I’m working on some really kicking shadows.
should be done soon.
About 2700 triangles are drawn in each frame. But that will have to go up as more terrain is drawn. So of course the frame rate will go down. But I can counter this with the adaptive terrain generation.
You see the terrain is actually bezier patches that are dynamically repartioned.