Need some help with a game idea

Hi Folks

I’m new and some would say deranged to this kind of site but a colleaugue and me have a game idea. well I say game more of a teaching aid for kids with learning difficulties.

This idea would be based on a 3D maze, have not got a clue how this would be written in C++ or open GL - so help would be appreciated here.

As the maze is traversed, the player would encounter “Letters” in a scrabble like way. The letter when put together equal a word or phrase, which in itself means something else.

The essence is that the game never really ends it sort of metamorpasizes into different meanings, colours, words etc etc etc etc.

You get the idea. All help would be useful never used open GL in my life before and not really done much C++ writing, so a really good games programmer might be useful.

Look forward to all the replies to this new post

cheers Folks

John :rolleyes: :smiley:

Some will say this is off topic but your idea sounds like a good application of technology to a worthy cause.

I’m not quite sure I understand your “game never ends” claim though; does the “maze” not end? And do the letters appear in order or do they get acquired in a scrambled order?

You’ll want to start by playing with some examples and tutorials. Try and the OpenGL “Red Book”.

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