Need some help identifying why my "texture" is not appearing

Basically I started simplifying my code to so I could load images into a list and assign them to meshes, in the process however my test “texture” stopped showing up on screen, the rest of my test triangles appear with issue, the one the test “texture” should appear on is either not showing at all (which I doubt) or gone plain black (which I suspect is the case).

Not sure if this is OpenGL related or regular C related so I figured it be best to just post it here, anyone inclined to help start by looking for the DiscoCover function in the link above - I have a tendency to prefer same length names so I refer to meshes as strips in code and textures as covers, I didn’t change anything shader side so I doubt that’s causing an issue.

The other function to look for is RenderStrip but I doubt that’s an issue as the render code for textures didn’t really change in essence, only the detection method of when to auto-generate a texture (which was a simple Strip->Covered == 1 before, Strip->Covered is an index for the cover however so that was more a hack than anything suitable for multiple different kinds of textures).

Lemmie know if you find any of the related code confusing as I’m still trying to get organisation of code sorted out so I can properly partition groups from each other

Edit: On the off chance there’s a faster than expected response to this I’m about to take a bath so don’t expect a quick response back, this is a personal studies type project so there’s no deadline to adhere to either.

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