Need some help about voxelization

Hello everybody, till now I have never voxelized any object. I have some mri data. I need to read it and voxelized it. later I need to do some editing with the voxelized object. Can anyone help me with some simple tutorial about voxelization so that I can start my work.

Thank you all in advance.

Simple bruteforce algorithm : draw a small cube for each value in the 3D mri array that is above a given threshold.

Better : draw an isosurface with marching cubes or related techniques.

I understand for editing purpose I need to use isosurface and mark voxels with that value. It would be very kind of you if you cite some example code.

Right at the bottom of the Wikipedia page I gave.
Feel free to come back when you have an OpenGL question :slight_smile:

Thank you!