Need some help about decimation of a large model

Suppose I have a model with over two million vertices. The model has been stored as obj file. I want to reduce the size of the vertices to 1/10 or 1/20 th of it. Is there any standard software where I can put the original obj file and also define by how much the model would be reduced. Thanks every body in advance.


VizUp will also reduce geometry, however it’s algorithm needs improving. I’m wondering if there is an app which determines the outline (or bounding shape), and then constructs a mesh to draw the outline. This must be the most optimal method to reduce geometry count, as far as I know. I haven’t discovered a program which will do this, though.

An opportunity, perhaps.

I find a really good methods for this is using decimate in Blender, but you will loose all your UV co-ordinates, when a model is so low poly, its not hard to wrap the UV’s projecting from view.