need some advise!


I am making a 2d game and it is my first.
There are three back ground scenes in bmp format that are 600X450 and i want to know the right way to do this. I want to scroll
just two scenes and at the end of the race
scroll the other. My problem is that I
need to know the best way and the right way
I should do this , I was thinking that the picture should be cut into smaller pieces
and texture map them on a grid in x y . SO
please tell me if I`m on the right path or
should I use win32 to scroll the background
and keep it seperate from the gl commands.
And please dont tell me to use win32 to make the whole game because I want to make it in opengl

thank you


seems like you are on the right path. Continue and you should be able to achieve the effect you are looking for.


use glubuildmipmap

Thanks you guys!! Thats all I needed to know!