need some advise!!!!!!!!!! bad

the language I use is c++ ,I have a vc++6.0
complier and i have no idea about making graphics(totally lost) Ok so I down loaded
directX 8.0 and i just found out that you cant use directdraw for 2d and i just cant see myself starting off with 3d when i have know i deal of the basics. So someone said open gl was easier than dx so that why im here!!! Please someone direct me in the right path so i can start to have some fun instead of looking for information 24-7!!! Thank you

Okay, I’m going to point you in the standard direction for OpenGL newbies -> . They have great tutorials. Also, Nate Robins has a nice site . Grab the GLUT (GL Utility Toolkit) from the site. It’ll make your life much easier.


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Take a look at NeHe’s OpenGL tutorials .

Or you could read some online books like:
OpenGL Programming Guide
(The Red Book)

OpenGL Reference Manual
(The Blue Book)

OpenGL Super Bible

I Hope this helps,

Daniel Palomo van Es.

I recomend OpenGL Superbible, it comes with a cd too with all the files you need to compile opengl programs and examples for each chapter you can run.

hey i got this problem too. Ive gone through some of the NeHe tutorials and they dont really make much sense to me. I guess its just a different teaching style then im used to. Does anyone know where i can get soem tutorials that start off EXTREMELY BASIC. That includes all the windows commands and such. I dont want to give up on programming but WHERE THE HECK DO I START??? I don’t know windows programming so If anyone knows where i can get enough information on that to start openGL. Ive made some small glut programs but i dont want to use other peoples work im trying to create my own set of commands but I got NO IDEA where to learn this stuff from!!! Oh yeah ive also looked at the redbook and that mostly uses glut so its not really helping my cause.

hey i am taking look at the OpenGL super bible and it is helping alot! You should go look at that book too. I think its much easier to follow than the redbook or the NeHe tutorials.