Need some 3ds Levels or BSP file and format

Hi there.
I’m just working on a 3D engine and I need some level data mainly 3DS because I want to build my own BSP tree.BSP files will work to but I need files format(for Quake2,Quake3 ?)

You´ll find 3ds file specs at .
If you want to read quake level data for building your own bsp it makes no sense to read the bsp format ´cause this already contains a compiled bsp…
It would be easier to read the exported text format of QRadiant(The quake editor) which is much easier to understand…


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Thanks XBTC.
But I need .3DS files (levels) to compile BSP trees from them (.ase export file format is simple) and .bsp file format to get compiled BSP trees from Quake2 or Quake3

If you need the *.bsp format of quake do a search for aftershock or titan with a
search-engine and you´ll find two
open-source Q3Clones. It isn´t to difficult to understand the format by looking at their source-codes…