Need OpenGL for non-3D card????

I am trying to use MoRay and VMD (molecular imaging) software. I have a NetVision Artist 2000 series video adapter (not 3-D). VMD requires OpenGL to run. They said even though I didn’t have a 3-D card, some OpenGL needed to be on my computer, even if it is a software implementation. I tried the Web setup for OpenGL but it said drivers for my computer were not available. How do I work around this? I like my NetVisison card.

If u have a windows operating system greater than 95 then u should already have opengl

if not get glsetup and run that all opengl drivers will be downloaded to ur machine


If you the preveus poster is correct but if that dose not work you can get a software vertion of OpenGL that will probly work called Mesa it is not an offical ogl but it is code compatabule so it will most likly work.

Good Luck